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Thread: Poor signal strength for Onyx Plus

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    Poor signal strength for Onyx Plus

    I just purchased a Sirius XM Onyx plus that I use in my office that is replacing an old Sirius Sportster that I had. I can't get a good signal. I only get 1 bar. I have tried aiming it everywhere possible out my windows and it does not help. Unbelievably when I point it to the wall next to the window I still get 1 bar but it is strong enough to at least listen to the channels. But for some reason I can't get the upper channels (talk, sports, etc). Anyways with my Sportster I would get 2-3 bars signal strength. Do Sirius and Sirius XM use different satellites? IS there such a thing as a signal booster to try and boost the signal? The way my office is there is no way to get the antenna outside. This is very frustrating. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

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    I think Sirius was giving a pretty good deal on the Onyx, so you won't lose too much. I found out the hard way about five years ago that satellite receiver and the home really don't mix. I bought a Tivoli Model Satellite and I got by with it but only by having to spend five or ten minutes every few days fiddling with the cheap antenna until I got a strong enough signal.

    The way to go is absolutely their Internet streaming service. If it's your only subscription then they charge you the full price of a satellite subscription. If you already have a satellite subscription then adding Internet is only three or four dollars a month more.

    You don't even need a radio. You can listen to it directly on your computer. Radio selection is slim. I have the Sirius TTR which is just a decent radio. The display is too small. Connecting or re-connecting to a wireless network is tedious. If you use the audio out to connect to external speakers, then give the radio another star. Sirius is only selling "reconditioned" TTR1. I suspect a replacement is coming, but didn't make it in time for Christmas.

    At the higher end, Grace sells many Internet streaming radios, most of which support Sirius. I have never tried one, so I don't know how friendly the interface is for Sirius listeners.

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