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Thread: Christmas Week.. Dec 23 through Dec. 29/2013

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    Slap... I am pretty sure Limitbass owns 3D. He's been talking about that stock since the low $50's. Looks like they are doing well and they are calling 2014 the year for 3D technology and companies. Get in now or wait for a correction? I think a correction.

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    Midas, Thanx for reply with regard to DDD. Have been half-heartedly looking for an entry point. The darn thing just keeps going up!! I will keep my eye on it. I own a small amount of ONVO (also a 3D 'play'), which has tripled this year.

    On a different subject, I have checked out Chatzy (under an alias) recently. Interesting format. I will pop in there as time permits... Really like SB cuz I can monitor SB while doing other things.

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    Slapshot, I was an owner of DDD until recently. Like SI, I sold out of my DDD. I sold most of my shares in the $80 - $84.50 range. I am waiting for a pullback before jumping on this bucking bronco right now. While I do see $100 in the near future, there is also some pretty big downside risk right now. That is why I will wait for a pullback of some degree before jumping back in. I cover DDD on my website quite often.

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    Is anyone interest in some Twitter thoughts and charts developments I see shaping up? If so, then just follow the yellow brick road.....

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