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Thread: Christmas Week.. Dec 23 through Dec. 29/2013

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    Have a safe and Merry Christmas all!!!

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    Yes, have a safe and merry Christmas everyone!

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    Merry Christmas to all, and to all we wish for a prosperous (even though delayed) Santa Claus bull run.

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    I wanted to wish everyone here a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Be safe and spend sometime with your family and friends. To a prosperous next year!!!

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    I sure hope your Christmas was as rewarding as mine........... and the food was as good.

    Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the market our dog really would like to participate in this Santa Claus rally (with the DOW up 114 right now)......... I guess with only 20Mil volume to our credit, it is as we have seen before when we just can't anticipate much price movement at all. Surely our day shall come.
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    I'm sorry. I've been playing my new X-Box-One all day.

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    Whatcha Playin' Slap? GTA, COD?

    I was given 19 billion dollars on GTA V for Christmas by holiday spirit filled hackers

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    Wolf- Actually, just doing set-up today... Need to upgrade my games. This is the first X Box that did not include a game with it. What's the Deal!!?

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    Who here still owns DDD? BASS? SLY?
    Wow! I wanna get a their Christmas-gift list!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapShot27 View Post
    Who here still owns DDD? BASS? SLY?
    Wow! I wanna get a their Christmas-gift list!
    Hey Slap, I decided to take my profits a couple weeks ago and dumped all my DDD for a mere gain of 64% over a span of only a few weeks. Unfortunately, I made the same decision on FSLR (70% gainer), and it too has rebounded above my exit point. I learned a long time ago thank goodness, not to let "seller's remorse" be an issue especially when returns were so positive.
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