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Thread: Christmas Week.. Dec 23 through Dec. 29/2013

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    Christmas Week.. Dec 23 through Dec. 29/2013

    Merry Christmas to all SIRI investors. Maybe this will be the week we have been waiting for.......... BTW, we have bumped through the 200 DMA this morning.... that must be an omen.

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    Setting aside the reaming that we have endured over the last 4-6 weeks...

    It looks like we may be getting a SIRI Xmas gift, instead of an SM rectal violation. That's great, because I would like to be able to 'sit down' for Christmas dinner

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    yeah but it has to hold 3.55

    if it doesnt hold 3.55 we are not going up. in the past even a first time close over 200 dma does not constitute it not going down again, as a matter of fact it will go down again according to history.

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    Given the very strong Bullish Engulfing pattern in the prior two days, I'd like to think that signals a positive sign for the near future, in spite of the possible Gravestone Doji being formed today.

    EDIT: However, I might have second thoughts if the Doji closes as a Shooting Star gapping up from yesterday's close.
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    Is anyone interest in some Twitter thoughts and charts developments I see shaping up? If so, then just follow the yellow brick road.....

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    Slapshot, I was an owner of DDD until recently. Like SI, I sold out of my DDD. I sold most of my shares in the $80 - $84.50 range. I am waiting for a pullback before jumping on this bucking bronco right now. While I do see $100 in the near future, there is also some pretty big downside risk right now. That is why I will wait for a pullback of some degree before jumping back in. I cover DDD on my website quite often.

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    So we go up or down? I say we visit 3.41 again after today's action.

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    Heading to Colorado!! Wont be around here until after the New Year!!!

    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!!!


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    Does Mr. Schnitzel work Holidays?

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