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Thread: Dec 16th thru 22nd

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    3.32 to 3.52 on taper news?

    How does that happen?

    I'll tell you how and it's not hopes of a stronger economy.... That is 100% SHORT COVERING!

    Go ahead and insert the name of any thieving a$$hole looking to drive us down to $3.00 for their own gain and know he just covered his ass fast as he could.

    FU Malone!! FU!!

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    Were you able to play any of that move wolf? I so wanted to buy it down there but I'm out of margin. I have to wait till Friday to reload.

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    As sick as it made me, I bought 10k @ 3.35 today and sold it @ 3.43. Sold 10k that I bought yesterday @ 3.45 just now for 3.52.

    The rest I will hold on to for a while. This could be our turn around. if not, I've got a 20k shares buy @ 3.35.

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    Sold a nice sized Bock when we broke 3.38 at 3.37 and out a few times for some quick gains.....then bought back that block at 3.38 as soon as the taper announcement kicked in before the rise....

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    I had a buy in at 3.32 that did not execute. So pissed. Was trying to get some skin in the game and play along with you guys. Havent been in SIRI in months.
    Charles LaRocca
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    Someone's butthole hurts

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    The order is still open and there is 45 minutes left in the trading day so, who knows!
    Charles LaRocca
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    The good ol EOD takedown .

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    3.47 close, POS

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    Wutta Day! Crazy!! Santa Rally Now????? or was it done in 1 fell swoop?

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