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    Go to Google Quotes and News. Put in SIRI XM Holdings for quote. They list it as a private Co.??????????????????
    I was thinking that earlier when Mel said " I'd love to take this company private", I don't think that was his own words....hence Malone... shake out the small fries!!! I'm holding!!! I'm sure he is not stupid enough to try to screw us, he's got to be smarter than that, but that doesn't mean he's not going to thin out the flock(Killuminati), when he gets a chance, look at his other companies. They've done locked up the all lawsuits as far as the takeover is concerned, so it's pretty much their way or the highway, unless someone finds a new premise. Fuch them mutherfuchers, they'll never get my shares, without a fight. Anybody that held any of Malones previous companies are sitting tight right now,( it might have took 20 years) but for some reason I feel people are gonna take on to the connected car a whole lot faster. Imho


    Meyers is the new "Puppet on a String"!!!, Is it good or bad? He was the brain of the Master Plan, he was the one that knew the capabilities of SiriusXM's technology, not Mel as much, he served his purpose...
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