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Thread: Dec 16th thru 22nd

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    Don't worry guys.... it's just end of year selling to lock in those HUGE gains we've seen this year.......

    If we're lucky we might end above last January levels.

    #FU Malone

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    Looks like more manipulated buying here in the 40s.

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    I'm not feeling the "shareholder value" being created

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    I can't watch SIRI right so I hope you are right Wolf. I saw 3.48-3.50 coming but didn't see this at all. On a higher note, PHOT is up another 8%. I know you told me to lock in my profits but I it's hard when it's up 30% in 2 days.

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    Strong sell on Liberty Media from Zacks today

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    Well that was pretty ugly. Pretty heavy volume too. Not sure what is going on but I don't like it

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    LMCA just had their target raised to $190 from $174 2 weeks ago by Citi. That's not it.

    Big take down in the am, drag the bottom for a few hours, scoop up an enormous amount of shares on the cheap then take the sp back down.

    Malone is way up on his $3.66 sale to SIRI. That sh!t is no coincidence.

    I'm a lot younger than him..... some day I will toast his heart attack.

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    Sly, my mobile app was showing a $3.59 buy pre-market, I was thinking they were gonna pull the ole head fake, but it looks like they pulled out the ole Ostrich!!!lol The good news is... is that we have finally pierced that lower BB for the 3rd time on this last downtrend, which is what I've been waiting for... Gla

    On a side note, up 66% avg. on my Phot purchases, think I'm gonna tuck some of that one under the mattress and come back in 2015.



    Redcloud rules of investing #3: A penny stock will chew you up and spit you out!!!

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    Unreal the way they pulled the takedown/takeup/takedown......I agree shareholder value here....WTF!!!

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