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Thread: 12-9-13 Thru 12-15-13 "Malone give this dog a Bone!!!"

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    Now we just need Redcloud to rub his lucky balls on us n' we'll be golden

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    HAHAHAHA... i want to know what song he's playing when he does it too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    Now we just need Redcloud to rub his lucky balls on us n' we'll be golden

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    Looks like we are pretty oversold already on many indicators. That gap fill just so happened to be the 61.8% convenient.


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    Hey guys I finally signed up for this forum. It's good to see so many familiar screen names, esp.Wolf I agree that we are getting into over sold range and that has always been a great buying time. Being that I have used almost all my margin on the way down I am a bit nervous. I don't want to get called out of anything. I'm not a chart guy but wondering if any of you guys think it looks like a head and shoulders at all starting around Aug 1. It does give me some relief knowing nothing fundamentally with siri has changed.
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    What's up Wolfe, checked out that Lucky13 website, they got some cool gear.

    As far as golden balls and music together...I'm gonna have to think on that one fellows lol
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Wasted time...I don't think so... Slo-Sto and RSI oversold, 200SMA (Hillbilly got his 200 I think, I'm sure he would be buying) plus a lower BB piercing= More shares removed off the table, a major buying op, and a big move up!!!

    Not to mention what I think most have not considered. Unless I'm wrong... the first buyback plan has not been completed yet, at last count I thought we still had 1.6 Bil outa 2 completed on that filing, the $3.66's was bought from Liberty was outa the 500m set aside on the new filing...not counting if they accelerate the purchases of shares from Liberty or the market on the new repurchase plan... if that's the case...they can rip this thing at a moments notice!!! imo

    I wonder what the deadline is under the original contract?
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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    I just finished and posted a very lengthy SIRI update on my website, as well as a Trial Membership option, for any that may be interested.

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    Morning. It looks like we are getting a little bump. Congrats to those that held out for the gap to be filled. Now let's see what this dog does this week and next. Good Luck!

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    Dude that Barron's article was such ****ing BS.

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    this was my concern. did not participate in the rally up but get caught in the correction down.

    truly a "wtf" moment.

    down another 3%+ on no news?
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