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Thread: 12-9-13 Thru 12-15-13 "Malone give this dog a Bone!!!"

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    80.6% owned by institutions now.

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    All stocks pullback,,,,,in terms of percentage, that only represents a 13% pullback,,,,that is normal,,,,no stock goes straight up

    Quote Originally Posted by njbones1 View Post
    .56 off the high, this is a joke.

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    I need to stop looking at this POS. This sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by denco1 View Post
    I thought it was going to happen when they changed to SiriusXm Holdings Inc. you know if it is happening for sure?
    IM not sure if it is still going to happen. I haven't heard or read any updates on the sxm ticker change for a while

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    this is absolute bull crizap. making all the small people sell on margin calls or stops to take the shares from them. by the way where do you get 80 percent institution holdings, i only see 77-78 percent. thanks

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    The thought of selling at these prices never crossed my mind, and I think many of us learned a couple or three years ago that this is not a stock you wish to play with "stops".......... Seems that has always been an open invitation for the manipulators to spike the price down for the obvious reason of taking your shares at bargain prices, and then allowing price to climb back up.

    I for one, thought 3.58 was a buying opportunity so I loaded up at that price............ and then grumbled as we drifted on down to 3.56. Looks like we are penetrating the lower BB, and if my chart is right, then Wolfman is correct by saying we are soon to be at the 200 DMA. Looks like we have arrived. Maybe this will be our bottom and it'll be upward from here.

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    just added 750 sh at 3.5699

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    got a buy in for another 500 at 3.55

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    10k @ 3.55 (I put the order in a month ago just in case)


    I'm done buying unless we get some deep swoon
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    I was sure hoping to see a reversing pattern in the making, but I don't see one. Does anyone else see something to indicate we are about to rebound?
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