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Thread: 12-9-13 Thru 12-15-13 "Malone give this dog a Bone!!!"

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    Hey you all, still here, just busy trying to keep my job. Hope you all are ok.

    For Redcloud, it was 3.66 and change.

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    pre market low 3.60

    I put in a buy @ 3.61 an hour before the market even opened.

    I hate this sh!t.

    Better be time for the BIG bounce off the lower BB.

    Oh hey look, LMCA could buy their shares back at a discount.

    FU Malone

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    The PUSSY likes to lick Pandora's B@LL$ too

    FU MALONE ...also
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    Hopefully you got your fill Wolfman. Something tells me you did?
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    I did. Shameful game being played.

    We've participated in the rally from Dow 15k to now in negative numbers.

    .... and no divi?!

    After this whipping we've endured, a velvet gloved rub down is in order.

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    Good day all!! Does anyone know when Siri changes to SXM Ticker symbol?

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    I thought it was going to happen when they changed to SiriusXm Holdings Inc. you know if it is happening for sure?

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    $3.58, now it's time to bounce.
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    .56 off the high, this is a joke.

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    A few more cents hits the 200 day too.....


    Edit: Coming up on the lows from after the last CC..... I guess Nov Auto Sales didn't mean much. Or FM-6.

    Edit 2: Then there's that pesky little gap Midas reminded us about @ 3.49
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