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Thread: 12-9-13 Thru 12-15-13 "Malone give this dog a Bone!!!"

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    12-9-13 Thru 12-15-13 "Malone give this dog a Bone!!!"

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    I'm most definitely feeling boned.

    only red on my screen.... again.

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    Anyone notice the odd lot sizes this morning? 1, 2, 3, 4 share lots. Never seen it so I'm naturally suspicious of it.

    Feeling like we are collateral damage in Malone's long term plan.... which will benefit him more than it will ever benefit any of us.

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    Yes I did, looks suspect.

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    I was thinking the same thing on those odd lots. Ever since PM they have been throwing the 1,2,3,4s at us. What a bunch of CRAP. Yeah, SOS I guess.

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    Sup Wolfie? Long time no see.

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