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Thread: 12/02/13 to 12/08/13 THE DOG BEGINS ITS RUN

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    Quote Originally Posted by salnguad View Post
    Is this how the stock market is supposed to function? Pump and dump manipulation, It smells illegal but no one gets charged with a crime. We are in a card game with magicians dealing the cards....
    Yep Yep!!! Couldn't agree more!!! Here's to hoping their good magicians!!! The thing about it is... they've known from the get go where this thing was going, way back in the 90's.

    If history serves correct...hold on to your hat!!! For the last three years at least, we have made major moves Dec.-Jan., wouldn't really see this year any different!
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    Redcloud's rules of investing #501: If your a true long you have no worries, put some back and let it ride!!! Trade only what your willing to loose, if ya loose, don't whine, do something about it. Money is not the maker of a man, Man is the maker of money!!!
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    HB...Good to hear your alive and kicking!!! Hope life's been treating you good, and thanks for the chart!!!

    Credits: Ahsan Haque, HB

    All the while, they ain't filing skit!!! This ain't the first time!!! GLA!!!
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    Is that Pre 72' ? I believe it is!!! If we are in trouble, I foresee many ships taking on water...not just ours!!! That makes it unbelievable, unless we flip the script with our cash cow and make all the other suckers pay up with us (Does Youtube pay pre 72'?), wonder how that will effect their bottom lines, I think ours is well padded, we've always paid what the law required, everyone knows what the deal is!!! Either way, I'm ready to try this Turtle Stew!!!

    Edit: I stand corrected... 1974
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    Nice find Midas, Thanks for the info and link.
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