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Thread: 12/02/13 to 12/08/13 THE DOG BEGINS ITS RUN

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    12/02/13 to 12/08/13 THE DOG BEGINS ITS RUN

    ... Positive article on 3D Printing found on Mentions DDD and SSYS and their substantial sp gains this year. GLTA

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    Has anyone heard or seen any news about a possible Dividend again this December?

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    No dividend news, Jeff but I did hear something about Liberty CEO, Maffei and SiriusXm, Charter reps being on CNBC/interviewed tomorrow on CNBC....something to that effect. Something may be cooking up of some sort for tomorrow. Auto #s out tomorrow as well.

    EDIT: RC referenced December 3rd last week I think as a possible day to keep an eye on.
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    SiriusXM Announces Sirius FM-6 Satellite Has Been Successfully Placed in Orbit and Declared Ready for Service

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    Quote Originally Posted by denco1 View Post
    Who woulda thought the day they cut off all the free radios they would announce FM-6 was ready to start rattling some cages? Maybe now the car commercials will stop teasing the public on what's really going on. Welcome to our App Store!!! Show me the tune your car on the fly...App!!! Once the Satellite/SatRad/Cellphone connectivity is complete, you will know to step where your car is from you, through reverse triangulation, you will most likely be able to start your car with your cell phone, not to mention all the apps to mod your sound system. There's one thing about it, without a satradio, or a satellite in orbit specifically intended for that purpose, your SOL!!! GLA
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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Jim Meyers on Squwak Box tomorrow morning. I did not see the time. Something up, maybe?!

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    SIRI seems to be forming a symmetrical triangle pattern on this chart

    SIRI 2013-12-04.jpg

    you can read a recent SIRI update of mine here about the symmetrical triangle chart pattern

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    No doubt, the triangle is setting up for a move.

    With a bit of help from the macro we could see some double top breaks.

    Tomorrow could be moving day..... EDIT: or maybe Friday....or Monday


    EDIT: We could see some double and triple bottom breaks too....
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    Meanwhile, that POS Pandora is up 73 cents.

    My apologies to those who own Pandora stock.... SIRI sp very frustrating these last few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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