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Thread: 11/25/2013 To 12/01/2013 -- Thanks Giving Week--TheDog is ready!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapShot27 View Post
    CLR- Good gamble on MJNA... Congrats
    I'm still holding... don't congratulate me yet... there's plenty of time for me to screw this up.
    Charles LaRocca
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    It's criminal

    #FU Malone

    Made a grip o' cash selling some apple shares I bought back at $420 tho.

    Chew you food guys.

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    Happy Thanksgiving All!!! Hope everyone has a great one!!!

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    Happy gobble gobble all.

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    I know one thing, Walmarts packed! First time I've ever seen the entire parking lot filled.
    Super Center. The cars are spilling out of the parking lot and down all the side streets. Must be the 50 inch tv's for $288? All I wanted was some dog food, I had to scratch that skit!!!
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    ... Let's hope the Schnitzelman is out doing his 'Black Friday' Shopping, and that he doesn't come home early and put a stop to this little run-up in the stock price.

    Hope everyone had a great Turkey-Day... Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That SOB is out spending all the money he's stolen from me over the last month

    Harami/Harami Cross/Tweezer Bottom/Window dressing/SM Spending Spree....what ever it is...ILIKEIT

    Happy Holidays to All!!

    Yes, GO COWBOYS!...First place and 10 days off....SWEEETTT!!


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    SI- if you have time, let us know how the TV interview turned out

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    Slap........ the TV interview was a total flop. I had arranged with the Program Director to be ready for a reporter and camera crew to arrive at 12 noon. A phone call came at 11:30 from the substitute director who was confirming their arrival is planned for 3:30. A subsequent phone call attempted to explain "the B-team, and some C-team fill -ins" work the holiday shift, and somehow their wires got crossed. Then, the stupid broad called back (out of guilt, I suppose), and said they had to pull our specific reporter and camera crew to go cover "late breaking news"................ What a joke., and our whole clan was sorely disappointed.

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