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Thread: Sirius XM Holdings INC 11/18/13 to 11/24/13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    Grabbed some 3.63's to get ahead of UBS.

    Will pick up some 3.60 if we overshoot and touch the bottom of the BB... again.

    Also, about to touch the bottom of Ahsan's channel.

    Nice buy Wolfe, I don't think it's possible for you to be disappointed with that, I just want the lower BB to rise up to $3.58!!! We should be set to rally, imo!!! I give us another week....just enough for the shorts to make sure all the Nov. 22nd and 29th $4 calls expire worthless. After that...We ought to be bouncing in short order!!!Imo

    I call this the HAIL MARY for Shorties Azz and we are getting ready to Intercept!!!

    Courtesy Ashan...



    @Denco, I finally realized, you can't get here from can get there from here!!!
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