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Thread: Should Sirius Investor Sue Jim Cramer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deewcom View Post
    A counter argument is that taking Cramer to court would set a good example. The law should be king. If Cramer broke any laws, then he should pay the piper.


    We live in a corrupt society and thats just the way it is.
    If a lawsuit was brought against him and it ultimately failed, or even worse fell apart before even making it to a court, that may have an even worse effect.

    1.) Shows desperation in the shareholders that they don't believe in the long term prospects of the company alone so they are lashing out at anyone possible to recover their losses.

    2.) Might embolden those who manipulate the stock to show they can get away with anything without any real consequences.

    I see where you're coming from, and it would be the right thing to do. But the retail holder is always going to take it in the neck no matter what is going on. They simply don't have the available cash, or other resources to be on an even playing field.

    I guess its just my personality if I think something is "out of my hands", I shrug it off and worry about the things I can control. Ahh, apathy. Beautiful.
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    i say yes. Enough is enough

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    I say NO!!! The reason i say that is i do not believe in lawsuits these day's as in everybody sue's for any reason what so ever.............remember the day when the old lady sued McDonalds for spilling hot coffee on herself!!! Well it started there. I'm a firefighter/EMT here in Texas and well the things i see with people on lawsuit's i'm just not gonna get started..............

    The overall point is if SIRI is a good investment then it's a good investment and will take off sooner or later. Yes i'm new to working the stock market, but one thing i have learned real quick is that Cramer is not one to buy or sell from. I do watch him from time to time, but mainly to learn lil things like the terms used in the stock market and what not.

    Also on another side note i believe people that really really listen to Cramer are new as myself and totally rely on him and do not research on there own the stock he talk's about.

    Overall..........If this stock is true it will come out and run up, no matter what anybody say's..........give it time.

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    I say, it's a waste of time.

    When Sirius starts doing better, the stock will start reflecting that.

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    After seeing Cramer was right on the money, and Mel couldnt stop the bleeding, I say no to sueing Cramer, yes to ousting Mel.

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