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Thread: C2C and Alex Jones

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    C2C and Alex Jones

    Is Coast to coast Coming back to Sirius/xm? Who decides what we want to hear that we have to PAY for?I sure as hell dont need or want more sports.

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    What channel was coast to coast on? Why not contact the channel directly via email or facebook? Make your voice heard!
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    I have sent Sirius several e-mails about this as follows:

    I have been a customer of SiriusXm for many years. I used to listen to Bubba the Lovesponge on Howard 101 and you wouldn't re-new his contract. That made me real angry. Especially since it was the number 2 most listened to program on SiriusXM. At the same time you create a Oprah channel and pay her (rumor) 50 million dollars to use her name and she don't even talk on the channel. Who listens to that crap?
    Now, just lately I had Channel 246 set up to record Coast to Coast on my XMP3i and it don't record. I check the channel and it says that the channel was removed. What the hell?
    I am a truck driver and I work at night. Because of my schedule I am not able to listen to Coast to Coast live, I have to record it. From what I see on the road, truck drivers are your largest customer base. It also seems to me that the company removes programming that is popular with truck drivers. I also record Dark Matters on channel 104. That is only 4 days a week. Who wants to listen to 3 days of repeats? If a program comes on that I don't want to listen to, I delete it and listen to a different one. Now my program listening is cut by ¾.
    I am actually thinking of canceling my subscription because things are being removed from the programming that I listen to. On occasion I listen to the Boneyard and to Hairnation. Now, they both play the same music. How much do you guys pay Ozzy to use his name and he don't even go on the channel. Ozzy's Boneyard, a heavy metal rock channel and you play Heart? Give me a break.
    I spend $33.06 a month or $396.72 a year for what? Programming that gets removed? I don't see DirectTV removing The History channel or Discovery channel because It's popular. I see bad business decisions being made. Maybe that could be that the stock price keeps hovering around $4.00 a share.
    Their response:

    Coast to Coast is no longer available because SiriusXM and Clear Channel, the provider of Talk Radio (Channel 246) and the Coast to Coast program, agreed to reduce the number of channels they supply under a revised agreement. For late night talk, you may enjoy Art Bell’s Dark Matter, which airs live every night from 10pm – 2am ET on Indie, Channel 104. Art Bell’s Dark Matter rebroadcasts every night from 2 am – 6 am ET.</p
    My response

    I do not agree with your response. If that was the case, other programming would not have been removed. I feel it was a problem that siriusxm didn't agree with the programs political views. That is what is called sensoring and it was definately politically motivated. It's a shame that veiws like that can get in the way of popular programs.
    Final response

    Thank you for contacting SiriusXM regarding Art Bell's Dark Matter and our programming.

    It was Art Bell's decision to end his Dark Matter program on SiriusXM. We wish him the best in the future.

    We appreciate your comments about the news, sports and entertainment programming on SiriusXM. SiriusXM remains dedicated to providing an unparalleled variety of programming on our more than 50 channels of world-class news, sports, talk, and entertainment channels.
    We continually rely on customer feedback like yours and research to enhance your entertainment experience. As we strive to create the most diverse listening experience available, we find that the feedback we receive is crucial to our success. We are forwarding your comments and feedback to the appropriate programming team. In the future, you can contact the channel directly by visiting the link below and search for the specific channel where you are able to get the channel's contact information and provide additional feedback.

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