I'll do my best to keep this to the point but that requires some back story.

I had a brand new 2003 VW Passat Wagon that I had Car Toys hardwire to the back of the head unit. I had a Starmate 5. They used (I believe) a Pro-fit VSM mounting plate installed to the right of the head unit encroaching in the passenger side but not a problem at all. Looked nice and I had a remote control.

That car had a duel with an elk in 2011. The elk won and trotted away. I have that radio.

I just bought a 2001 Passat wagon. I sign-up for the recent 6 months/$25 dealio and they sent me a Stratus7. I also received a premium install card but my husband had already installed the antenna (above rear hatch door to console 12v) before we even received the install card.

I don't like this set-up because I need to be able to charge my phone conveniently. The vent clip is ugly so I want it the way I had it in the other car. I have an appointment for the install with an audio shop on Thursday. I realize I will have to pay for the adapter and the mounting bracket. I was told by an installer that the new portable radios like this Stratus7 doesn't need to be constantly plugged into the 12v because it has a battery pack therefore I can unplug it, still have radio, and plug in the cell phone charger. Schwuuu I just swiped a lot.

I love the starman 5 because of the pause/rewind/forward which I used a lot. I hate being out of pocket for the adapter and bracket so I am torn what to do, hence, this long $!#?' post for opinions.

Thank you!

Please drive through :-)