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Thread: 11-4-13 thru 11-10-13 "Week of the Rising"

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    Anyone know why MJNA has not traded for a few hours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by denco1 View Post
    Anyone know why MJNA has not traded for a few hours?
    I heard it's a problem with the entire OTC market. Some glitch causing bid/asks not to show....... -ish

    Edit: FU Malone

    Edit 2: #FU Malone
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    Tks Wolf

    Man these MM Fks are really shaking the tree hard on the part of MaloneCo and Meyer.....

    I agree FK THEM...what a bunch of SH$%T. Pop to 3.72 and now back down to 3.60

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    There's my $3.58!!! Nows definitely not the time to sell!!! Imo

    Ya'll know what would be the Icing on the cake would be a nickel for Christmas Because it would be on our own Dime!!!

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    Hey guys,

    I implemented some new technology today that should speed up the website a little bit but, more importantly, increase security. This increase in security may produce some false positives so, if anyone sees any kind of strange messages or forms please take a screenshot and let me know.

    Thanks in advance and sorry in advance if you have been adversely affected.
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    Charles, I can't see any adverse issues on this end.

    O.T. comment to Denco: In a TV interview last evening, Ex Cowboy Tony Dorsett seemed to be slamming upper management for "making him a victim of this brutal game of football". Did you see that interview, and did you come away with that same understanding of what he was saying?

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    I did not see that interview SLY. He suffers from CTE - Chronic traumatic Encephalopathy, as do many Football players it seems. Very sad.

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    Yes, sad indeed, but it would appear someone involved in the business of killing football in America must have convinced him to put the blame on NFL Management, not on the players themselves who participate of their own free will, love of the sport, and lust for money and fame. The interview was with Wolff Blitzer on CNN last evening in case that is a clip you can locate.

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    Ok folks, on this Chrysler deal, if I am a current, all access sub, and I trade for a new 2014 Chrysler, cancel my old sub and have a free sub for my new Chrysler, SXM loses a self pay sub and gets discounted revenue on the free sub…right? If so, in that case, seems like a net loss for the year, but long term a positive if I renew? Overall, though, getting revenue from “all” new sales of Chryslers in 2014 should be a huge positive to revenue overall for next year and years going forward…lets hope other auto companies start doing same. This seems to me to be a really a big deal? Would have thought the market would have reacted in a positive way, but didn’t?

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    I'm in that boat. I just bought a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland (Black.... F'n schweet) last weekend and was very surprised that it comes with a full year of free service (internet too I believe). My regular sub is due for renewal next month and I'm not quite sure what to do. I think I can renew my old sub at a locked in discounted rate but if I let it lapse I will have to pay the new fee with price increase after my 1 year free trial expires. Good for the long run? Maybe.

    had no idea about the deal until AFTER I bought the Jeep...... no mention from the salesdouche.

    Edit: $3.58 again huh? Tuff to swallow.
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