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Thread: 11-4-13 thru 11-10-13 "Week of the Rising"

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    I'm treating today's action as a buy opportunity. Hope that's not misdirected.

    On another subject, if Bassman happens to be perusing today, he ought to be quite proud of his persistent support for DDD over recent past. DDD is up $3.00 today, 40% since early Sept. when I responded to Bass's suggestion........ took a very large position, and today I see this headline: "Rumors IBM is interested in buying 3D Systems (DDD +6.2%) for $90/share (a 28% premium to current levels) are helping the 3D printer vendor surge to new highs."............. Nice going Bassman.

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    They say they don't see any at this time, just like pre-Agero, I say they do!!!

    Acquisition targets:

    Q Street, LLC
    Openpeak Inc.
    DeviceFidelity, Inc.
    Flextronics Ap, Llc
    Laird Technologies, Inc.
    Intertrust Technologies Corporation
    Atx Group, Inc.

    "Vehicle infotainment system with personalized content"
    "Transparent conformal polymer antennas for rfid and other wireless communications applications"
    "The device pairs a user-friendly touch-screen interface with a high-performance hardware/software architecture capable of delivering advanced media applications and graphics combined with landline quality telephony service all in one integrated system."

    Do your own DD, mine says.... it all adds up to.... "He who control the hardware, controls the . To me it looks like we are ready to take a bite out of someone's Apple!!!

    Show me the hardware Beeooottchesss!!!
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    I've made my money on this stock. In fact, I recently bought a 3800sq ft home on 3 acres with SIRI gains.

    But my 20k share buy order placed 2 months ago filling @ 3.65 today just broke me...... I never wanted to see 3.65 again.

    I'm not playing this f'n game anymore.

    "Return of capital to our shareholders through buybacks" can suck my longduckdong.

    Too many dishonest players at the table.

    I'm not dumping my shares but I'm not spending any more of my time trying to out-game Malone & Co either.

    Edit: Jim Meyers sure did a nice sell job before the CC didn't he?

    Maybe we'll get another big fat bounce off the 200.

    Little late but, Cover yer buttholes
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    and i thought i did okay last week at 3.75-- lol, oh well, i have faith we will be near 4.00 by year end

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    God I hope so. I thought buying the day after the CC at 3.90 was good, but now I am down quite a bit and will be biting my nails off it goes much lower.

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    Wolf.....doesn't make me feel good when I read your comments. You've always had BALLS OF STEAL when it came to drops like this. Is it different this time?

    Fundamentals still good. Technicals still in an uptrend long term wise. OVERSOLD. I might buy some more tomorrow!

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    This is what sucks about letting emotions get in the way. We should all be buying right now because they are making all the right moves. But we get scared and cautious. Then we wait as another year goes by and we see $5.00 a share. I've seen .05 to $1.00. $1.00 to $2.00. $2.00 to $3.00 and Mel cashed out. $3.00 to $4.00.
    Nothing is out of whack. $4.00 will be $5.00.
    Emotions emotions.
    I say buy.

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    Hey Sundeeez,

    Balls aren't the issue here. I'm not down on the companies future or long term stock price. It's a trust issue.
    For the first time ever, I sold some shares going into the CC @ 4.17 for no other reason than distrust of Management, the potential of another round of buybacks and the take-downs that come with them. And here we are. A lot of coordinated horse trading going on the last week.

    We will continue to trade like a spec stock until buybacks are done. Unfortunately, it seems buybacks are the new go-to for our cash so they may not be done for years. Our shares don't mean sh!t to them.

    We'll rebound as soon as they decide shares are cheap enough to buy back. If you've been holding on to dry powder for a significant pullback, I say start buying. I've got one more buy in at the 200.
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    Oversold up the A$$. Tomorrow could be the final takedown before the bounce.

    Tks for the input folks. I should have sold more myself at higher levels. Need to learn my lesson. All momentum stocks have taken it up the wazoo.....and so has this POS....yeah, I know, just a bit pissed off too. Probably not the time to unload though with the MACD/SLOSTO/Wm%R/RSI in rebound territory......GLTA

    I HATE THIS least until it rebounds....


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    Joined: Dec 2012 Posts: 180 speak the truth. Appreciate your thoughts.

    Maybe tomorrow is the 3.04 dip of a few months ago. That dip now would equate to the 200 like Wolf said.

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