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Thread: 11-4-13 thru 11-10-13 "Week of the Rising"

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    11-4-13 thru 11-10-13 "Week of the Rising"

    Time for this Dog to show his teeth!!!

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    Hey RC...was able to add to my position at 3.72/3.73 last week! So far so good!!!

    Have a great week All!


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    SiriusXM Completes Acquisition of Connected Vehicle Services Unit of Agero

    "With this transaction now complete, we are positioned to accelerate SiriusXM's development of our connected vehicle services platform, supporting the rapidly expanding field of connected vehicle services and strengthening our ability to provide services over satellite and mobile networks. We are pleased to welcome Agero's connected vehicle services team to SiriusXM."
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    'morning all. I just want to say also that I was able to add to my holdings at those affordable prices last week. Now I think it is time to let the dog run. I'd be okay with the high 3.80's, low 3.90's this week on our way to $4 and above in the near future. In fact, as I continue to have confidence in the Slow Stochastic Oscillator being a leading indicator, I have to believe the signal this morning is really in our favor. (for some reason I'm having trouble capturing and attaching the print, so if you can take a peek there with the Slo Sto. indicator added, you should see what I am seeing.

    PS. What was in those news items (posted by Denco) that account for a 5 cent drop since opening bell?)
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    That's what I'm talking about..... finish at the starting line, we're off to a great start huh?
    I made my call last Tuesday, so technically I got until Tuesday week to be wrong. Redcloud, Oct. 29th, "Now's buying times, technically, there's no reason for us to be where we are right now, imo. I do think we will sloth around these levels for a week or 2".... My feelings haven't changed... It's coming people!!! GLA


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    Thought I would throw out a heads up. I see things like this and it makes me curious. Perhaps someone here knows better about this stuff than I. The response I got from E*Trade about these two images here was :

    "Dear Mr. Faulkner,

    This message is regarding E*TRADE Pro Time and Sales.

    After conferring further with my technical support team, I believe I was able to find an answer to your question. Institutional investors negotiate a price for a specified number of shares that they purchase from market makers directly.

    Because it is not an actual transaction, the Pro platform does not display it normally. This is a known issue and has to do with the information we get from the market makers.

    And the two images in question :

    TIMEANDSALES.jpgmarket depth.png

    Basically I am counting 539 million shares or 53.9 million shares swapped this way after hours. Hard to tell with the way it is displayed on my market depth as ...

    LMCA reports tomorrow. Agero completed today... no forms filed or anything yet. Might be something might be nothing but wanted to throw it out there since this stuff won't come through if you didn't get it by "accident" I think.

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    I saw a couple of those massive trades that seemed to have gone uncounted in the daily volume during regular trading hours a little while back...... I was told by a well respected and intelligent author of financial opinion articles that I "saw a ghost".

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    I look forward to the TWTR IPO. I have a theory. If I the average joe can some how get shares( call broker I suppose) the stock will do down. Wayyyy down. If I call and they are unavailable the stock will go up. Wayyyyy up

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    What the hell is going on today? Down .08

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