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Thread: 10-28-13 thru 11-3-13 Picking up the pieces Week!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by denco1 View Post
    Looks like SM may have gotten tired of administering THEPOUNDING...

    What in the last Paragraph did you find interesting?? ...the fact that he/Malone "is Cable TV"??
    Hey Denco,
    Haven't been here for several months and I find this today...just like old times ! This video does also demonstrate what happened to our Cowboys in the last minute against Detroit last week ! LMAO

    Good to see you still around.

    Do the charts show back to 200 day or 4+....holding above 3.80 for a few days would help the cause.

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    What's up SXMI!!....good to see you man....long time. Glad the old Vid brought you back in for a visit...old times indeed.

    Same ole SH$%T with the CowDongs. The coach has his good points but damn, he can't manage a game worth CRAP. That was a self administered POUNDING with their in house DONKEYDONGSHLONG.

    Who really knows with the charts. If the market corrects before year end then maybe the 200. If we stay propped then we could be consolidating back up....we'll see. Hey man, I remember your call on RAD.....hope you were LONGDUCKDONG....if so, congrats...

    Later dude. Don't be a stranger man

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