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Thread: 10-28-13 thru 11-3-13 Picking up the pieces Week!!!

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    If I may borrow a post that I have seen used (at appropriate times) on other SIRI message boards...


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    I feel we don't rebound for about a week, I'm looking to next week before any major movement. We need some time for the pressure to build, imo.

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    This post goes out to anyone who can answer...

    Denco, I saw your recent post at one of BM's sites. Is there a forum at SWP2? If there is no forum and no articles then what exactly is one paying for?

    Any responses are appreciated?

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    Articles at SWP2 and BJM as well as forum at both. Not much going on though. It is month to month so if things don't move forward positively then I will pull the recurring chg. Only $10 per month and I had not joined SWP2 so I decided to check it out.

    I did get access and will monitor for a while.

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    Now's buying times, technically, there's no reason for us to be where we are right now, imo. I do think we will sloth around these levels for a week or 2, which hopefully will allow me some time to reload. My chart says buy, and it sucks cause I can't right now. It feels a lot like the low $3's, and the tree shaking down to the upper $2.90's. We could go a little lower, and I feel that will start the beginning of a feeding frenzy. 2 weeks max til liftoff again, imo. But then again November is notorious for being sucky. I keep trying to think since Liberty took over things have changed, but it's starting to feel like the same ole SIRI, except with bigger moves in either direction. They should be announcing some details about the AT&T contract that supposed to take effect in the fouth qrt. soon...I would think. Not to mention 500 million dollars worth of shares that are fixing to start coming off the market (I'm wondering how the media will spin it, you know they are), sure hope they buy ours low too, I say buy a Billion all at once! Gla

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    Siri's buying 130M$ of shares from Liberty in Nov., that's approximately 35M shares at todays prices or $350,000 of profit per penny of upward movement, what Ya'll think they are gonna do? We didn't say we weren't going to be buying more on the open market during that time. I think Liberty waits til we push the price higher....

    key words: application programming interfaces (APIs)


    Interesting, "* Strong working experience with Cloud Based systems. Specific working knowledge of Amazon Web Services is a plus."

    Define and own the detailed technical specification of the SiriusXM mobile application, which will be built native technologies (iOS and Android initially);

    That ought to keep ya'll busy for a while and help pass some time, but I saved the best for last!!!

    Anyboby want a job? I'm sure it pays well, but I don't think I want the stress:/...Gla!!!
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    Are we going to go up this week , or what?!

    I'm tired of having 'the Schnitzel Man' behind me with his hands on my hips! And I'm REALLY REALLY TIRED of what he is doing to me back there!!

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    Article on Billionaire Malone's Irish Castle Signals European Focus

    ... You gotta read the last paragraph of said article!!
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    Yes we are, up.04 @3.77 as of 1:00

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    extremely low volume though njbones. So, who knows what the broader sentiment actually indicates.

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