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Thread: Do I Have an Antenna Problem Or?

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    Do I Have an Antenna Problem Or?

    I have a sirius starmate and it has begun to pick up static across all stations. If i turn the antenna tip it clears up. Vibration will start the static again. Should i get a new antenna or is the problem peculiar to the starmate connector itself. Thanks!

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    I have a Starmate 8 (so I can use the "a la carte" package), I have had 3 car docks and a home dock. All 3 car docks have the same or similar problem to yours. I do not get static, but dropouts (Antenna signal error). It is an intermittent problem, temporarily fixed by fiddling with the antenna connection at the back of the dock. In Amazon reviews for the Microdot antenna, I learned that this connector has been a perennial problem, often eventually resulting in antenna replacement.

    I have recently purchased a 2012 Honda CR-V EX, and am planning a dock install for it. I have questions for the group:

    The Honda CR-V EX-L model comes with built in Sirus XM radio. Would the Lesser model(s) have the antenna pre-installed?
    - If so, how, where to access it, lengthen to center console for use with my car dock?

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