New here-first post. background: Lifetime Sirius member with old starmate! Never thought I would trade cars, well wound up buying new car. If I transfer the subscription its 75 bucks plus since its a factory radio, no further transfers. Not sure if I will keep the car and if a lifetime Sirius adds much value.

So I thought of getting a portable unit like Stiletto or the x something or other by Audiovox or Pioneer makes one. Does anyone know if these will pick up the signal if placed on top of dash below windshield? I don't really want antenna wires and mounting magnetic antennas (I may also drive different cars). Should I even bother? The reviews were mixed, some say these things work with Sirius some say only XM, etc. I don't want a car dock, ideally just Bluetooth to the car receiver would be the best, like Lynx has but Lynx has no internal antenna. (I actually bought a Lynx thinking it would do that- even tech support said it had internal antenna-it does NOT) A portable receiver you could use while outside and then in any car I am driving with either fm modulator or Bluetooth or even usb would be ideal. Any product like that?