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Thread: BLASTOFF !!! 10-21-13 Thru 10-27-13

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    Looks like SIRI just barely missed on everything. Good REV bump from this time last year. Not bad numbers just a slight miss.

    The dog keeps growing at a steady pace. Hopefully my buy at 4.05 doesn't screw me today !

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    Expenses up because of the Agrego acqusisiton?

    If this thing goes low I'm buying because the future looks bright!

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    I'm with you. I bought in at 4.07. I don't get the huge drop here. time to stop lookinig at it

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    36 million shares already traded. People panic and react so quickly. Hope a lot of you got some shares in the $3.80's. Might not see that again.

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    i tried, they did not fill.

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    Big volume but way off the lows. Touched the 100% retrace which is the 50 PM but not regular session. Hope it stays that way......if not I will have to buy more.


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    ... I'm also looking to add more SIRI if the stock price dips.

    Anyone else watching ONVO's run-up? DDD has had some good days too.

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    Man, I've had the blinders on for a few days. ONVO made a NICE move DDD too..

    P&F took a hit today but a higher low if it holds. Looks like a nice area to have a consolidation triangle form...


    Taking back $4 at the close would be nice as well.

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    Does anyone know if tomorrow's scheduled sat launch had any extra expenses, like launch insurance, taken in Q3?

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    Looks like the share price Blasted Off!!! then had to be aborted, lets hope the Proton doesn't. Hopefully we are just dealing with an after CC selloff. Don't see us staying in the $3.80's $3.90's too long, been there done that....I do see us going flat in the low $4's tho

    ST, I'm not sure, I was only able to listen to the CC half azz, but it seems I heard Meyers or someone make a fleeting statement about something to do with some type of sat. expense.
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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