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Thread: BLASTOFF !!! 10-21-13 Thru 10-27-13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoworld View Post
    I'm just going to repost my quest. below from last week to see if anyone has a possible answer? Thanks.

    What about the share repurchase proposed schedule announced. It was said that the last buy back would be slated for April 2014, and that the share price would be based on a 10 day moving average with an upper cap of $4.18. Does that mean we cannot expect any price movement much above that mark until after April?
    I thought of that as well GW but, that is a long time and therefore don't see that being a factor at all. If the market is strong and SIRI does well I could see us sniffing $5 in the next 6 months. It is a negotiated sale at a point in time that is good for LMCA and good for SIRI at the same time. SIRI buys at a small discount to that 10 day VWAP and MaloneCo sells a fist full of shares at a 25%+ gain. It is the equivalent of a LONG selling an overcore block to lock in a few while keeping the LONGCORE intact.
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    Good Answer Denco. I'll take it.

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    JS, You said I might be low on my call last Thursday, I didn't say we couldn't go higher, I said $4.15 by Wednesday I started to start a new thread for everyone to call it, but didn't know how many would participate, plus I think you had a number in your head.. Wish we had a polling system on here like I've seen on some other sites. I got a new number $4.15 comes first tho. That dag gum cabin is gonna be awesome sooner rather than later, imo, (Which I'm sure it's already awesome!!!) Gl Brother!!! Keep your finger on trigger!!!

    (Hint) Check out the movement of that lower BB where the stars are, I want it at $3.95


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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    RC...unless the mains take a huge dump this week and derails the dogs momentum...I see a push to $4.20-4.25 at a minimum...possibly could see 4.30's! Like you said...keep your finger on the trigger...I will be locking in some profits for sure!!


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    Closed at the high of the day!!! Gotta love it...more room to run!!! Would like to see a significant uptick in volume heading into CC on Thur.


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    I knew you had a number
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Midas been emailing me a little bit said there were some questions regarding the LMCA contract and if it put a cap or whatnot on stuff RE: Crunching Number's comments or articles or whatever (I dunno where it came from as I often skip / skim his stuff but I know the comment RE: $4.18 cap to April). My edited reply to Midas :

    They didn't (put a cap until April). It's a 10 day average after Q3. They hedged, which is prudent on a large bulk sale like that. Staggered sell back helps SIRI and discount 1.5% is SIRI favorable.

    I wish I could say I was astounded CN is spinning that as negative, but since the stock approached and passed $3.50 once he locked into those long dated upper cap calls for Jan 2014, he has had a bearish overtone in nearly every single article (even the positive ones).

    It's highly positive that they ran the upper end at $4.18 and I think we can expect the average post Q3 call to average with a low bound of 4 and perhaps a high bound of $4.36 to average out near $4.18 in that 10 day period. Close enough anyways, to LMCA it isn't going to matter. It'll look good if it is near the upper end of the range no matter what. Q3 WILL impress or at least keep stable. There will be NO disappointment or LMCA would not have agreed to a 10 day post Q3 average schedule for setting their sell price. You have to expect they know the report, since they are majority owner and pretty much run the place....

    I may put big money on that notion in short dated calls if the share price pulls in a bit. But short dated calls are very expensive here, so that should say something as well....

    We'll see... The sellback schedule through April really has nothing at all to do with the boundaries on the contract... the boundaries only matter for 2 weeks post call. Kinda like that "LMCA has said they will not pay more than $2.15 per share" after they got the first forward. Ceiling talk, blah blah blah. Share price never dropped below that once they closed on the contract. It was a floor immediately on closure of the contract, as expected, not a ceiling. People think about this crap too much and let their bias affect their opinion.

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    Looking good this morning, Show me the money!!!
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Nice lil run into earnings. No volume though

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    No volume yet

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