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Thread: BLASTOFF !!! 10-21-13 Thru 10-27-13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoworld View Post
    I'm just going to repost my quest. below from last week to see if anyone has a possible answer? Thanks.

    What about the share repurchase proposed schedule announced. It was said that the last buy back would be slated for April 2014, and that the share price would be based on a 10 day moving average with an upper cap of $4.18. Does that mean we cannot expect any price movement much above that mark until after April?
    I thought of that as well GW but, that is a long time and therefore don't see that being a factor at all. If the market is strong and SIRI does well I could see us sniffing $5 in the next 6 months. It is a negotiated sale at a point in time that is good for LMCA and good for SIRI at the same time. SIRI buys at a small discount to that 10 day VWAP and MaloneCo sells a fist full of shares at a 25%+ gain. It is the equivalent of a LONG selling an overcore block to lock in a few while keeping the LONGCORE intact.
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