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Thread: SIRI weekly thread 10/14/13 to 10/20/13

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    20.10.2013Пуск РКН "Протон-М" с космическим аппаратом «Сириус ФМ-6»/Sirius FM-6 планируется осуществить 21 октября.

    20.10.2013 Start a SLV of the Proton-m spacecraft SIRIUS FM-6 "/Sirius FM-6 is scheduled on October 21.

    Launch should be occurring at 2:12 Eastern Time today, which will be 10-21-13 in Russia.

    Tomorrow ought to be a great day for all the longs!!! GLA

    T-MINUS 1!!!
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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    It's GoTime Baby....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcn40744 View Post
    Very interesting keyword searches below (Sirius, Agero, HERE) and reading between the lines/trying to connect the dots.

    Seems like Nokia L&C and HERE have been chummy with Agero and SiriusXM for at least the last year. SiriusXM is one of the few successful cross-OEM partners and Agero was quickly becoming the second. Looks like SiriusXM is the #1 by a long-shot now- perfect circumstances when they decide to build out some form of a global LTE platform.

    America HERE recently had its "coming out campaign", wants to be the dominant in-dash center stack provider, and recently opened up to all OSs. SiriusXM was L&C's largest data distributor partner before. The L&C branding efforts and wanting to directly market capabilities beyond maps appeared to conflict with "partners and white labels" which made it an acquisition target or spin-off probability.

    Could this be the real reason why Microsoft bought Nokia's devices division and Nokia left HERE alone? Maybe the white label technology is embedded already? It looks like Softy is already trying to exert its force by trying to nix some of Nokia's upcoming line-up despite not merging until Q1. Softy says its a redundant line-up but I'm skeptical.

    Nokia's new line-up of devices are said to be coming out 22 Oct and one device is codenamed 'Sirius'. I have a hard time thinking that this is coincidence. I'm also still waiting on the "revolutionary web 2.0" that Mel Karmazin boasted about and this Christmas, in addition to T-3, would seem to be as good a time as ever.
    I must have missed your post RCN, nice info, thanks
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Well according to the ILS website, liftoff will be tomorrow at 2:12 pm est time.
    I think that will be better anyway.
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    I missed it too. Tks for the info. RCN and the re-post RC. I would not have seen it. I need to go through the thread from the start a couple of times per week to pick up those missed posts.

    I agree, better to have the launch tomorrow during trading hours...

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    Good evening fellas. Nice week for the Doggie. I think this puppy's got some strong legs going forward.
    Really appreciate all the data and research you boys contribute.
    The info RCN posted above is very interesting and looks to have many potential positives for us.
    I also appreciate all the research you do as well Redcloud and Denco.
    I noticed this at yahoo tonight. At&t deal.

    Here is also a link to the company the sale was made to.

    Here's hoping Sirius is getting some benefit from these partnerships. They sure seem to be keeping a low news profile lately and I'm sure it's intentional.

    I'm also starting to see some Fox promos on TV for Sirius and I'm sure they'll be pumping their radio presence more and more.
    Have a great night.
    Be well.
    Long & Strong

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