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Thread: SIRI weekly thread 10/14/13 to 10/20/13

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    Preparations for the launch of a carrier rocket Proton-m with the satellite radio service Sirius FM-6 (Cirius FM-6 "), manufactured by Space Systems/Loral by Commission of North American satellite operatorPress releases

    In Baikonur is fueling booster Briz-m


    The Baikonur Cosmodrome is the final operation before the rocket space destination of Proton-m/KA SIRIUS FM-6 "/" the breeze-m on the launch complex. On the eve of the Assembly-and-test complex Roscosmos specialists have completed testing all components of SLV space head, installed the protective insulating protective cover.

    This morning the launch space destination was removed from the mounting-test facility for technical refueling platform (TZP) to fuel tank low pressure booster Briz-m.

    Operations on TZP will last two days. Then the State Commission would decide on the RCN to export readiness and installation at the facility.

    Launch of the Proton-m spacecraft Sirius FM-6/SIRIUS FM-6 "for the North American Telecommunications Satellite SIRIUS Radio operator is scheduled for October 20
    SIRIUS Radio continues. Sirius spacecraft FM 6 is scheduled for this month.

    Today 07 October in assembling and testing complex 92-A50 Cosmodrome experts SATELLITE is named after m. Hrunčeva in cooperation with foreign counterparts have begun to assemble space head part. The HGC include mechanical and electrical Assembly of spacecraft with a booster Briz-m block and nakatku» fairing on the spacecraft docked with the "razgonnikom".

    The contract for the use of the Launcher "Proton-m to launch a satellite Sirius FM-6, whose mass exceeds 6 tons, entered into a company International Launch Services Inc. (ILS).

    Since the start of the 2013 year held six launches by Proton.
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