I got Sirius internet content over old Apple equipment.

So Flash is a nightmare (Rogue Amoeba made a great application for it but it broke during one of Sirius' upgrades and because of their changes the developer can't fix it). And my old iPhone can't use the new iOS app either. I'd love to continue to subscribe, but they don't seem to want me. I don't need replay or any of the bells and whistles in the new apps, just wanna stream the music. Any solutions for old equipment?

Why they think the selling point of their service is to try to Pandorize or iRadio-ify their apps instead of focusing on the CONTENT of their service is beyond me. Every other content provider WANTS their products delivered in as many ways as possible. SiriusXM seems to be think they're in the app business.

BTW, I have a PS3 and various other devices, all of which make it easy to get Pandora or Spotify or other music services. But Sirius? Nope.