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Thread: SIRI Weekly Thread 10/06/2013 - 10/12/2013

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    Before departing for the golf course this morning I thought this was going to be a banner day. With SIRI gapping out the door, and then most others doing the same, I couldn't wait to get home to see how this was going to turn out. At first I thought my own portfolio had failed to participate, and then I realized my own gains for the day have hit 2.04% while the DOW is plus 1.88%. I guess now I can say my only disappointment is that SIRI just showed us a nice head fake and settled in for mediocre gains (but nice, none the less). I hope all others can feel good also about your own performance today. I just hope today is the first day of another bull market. Time will tell.

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    Meyers really didn't tell me anything I didn't know already. No word of a delay of the launch, so I'll say, All systems are go for lift off!!! T-MINUS 10!!!" Or T-MINUS the 17TH!!! Whichever... pick your poison!!!

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    Be prepared for the possible violent mood swings in the marco until the DC pissing contest is resolved!! Buy the dips...there will be some nice pickups to be SLY did on Wed. bought at 3.81 (damn lucky if you ask me!!! Thinking I might sell my AAPL if we get a nice bounce in AM and then load up on SXM on dips leading into CC on the the 24th!


    Denco...its good to see ya back!! Pray all is well with the family now!!!!

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    Good morning All......tks JS

    That was a nice buy by SLY. Anything in the low 3.80s seems to be the right time to pull the trigger even with the MACRO. CC is right arround the corner so I don't think we will go much lower if we do re visit that area......GLTA

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    Surprised AAPL did NOTHING yesterday with the huge up some SIRI at 3.91 yesterday and got some more buys in lower

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    I was wondering why LMCA was up big with big volume today as apposed to SIRI. Maybe an early show of the hand while they shook the SIRI tree.......TheDog is showing some fight after the takedown.

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    LMCA is already breaking out above its all time high on BIG volume. At some point the spread EDIT- 3% gap between LMCA and SIRI will EDIT/should close later today or Monday. Does TheDog have a late day push in it........


    EDIT: errrrrr 4.5% gap.......
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    FU Malone


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    Could it be that our little doggie is going to huff and puff and blow through $4.00 in spite of all the uncertainties? Looks like a good possibility with 42 Mil shares traded already today.

    BTW, in case others have the same question as I had this morning, markets remain open next Monday (Columbus Day). Someone tried to tell me otherwise.

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    sorry i haven't been available lately, here's why

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