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Thread: SIRI Weekly Thread 10/06/2013 - 10/12/2013

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    Whoop Whoop!!! The Dogs getting ready to bust a nut...

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    I feel like I just saw Bigfoot

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    Short lived high. It was fun while it lasted.

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    Government shutdown and debt ceiling issues are finally taking its toll...when the dust settles (soon I hope) markers will be back as strongly as it has been going south over the past 10 days. For those with cash, you are in a good position to pick your time to get back before the markets turns upward. GTLA

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    Edmunds predicts 16.4 million cars to be sold in 2014

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    Sirius XM Radio to Announce Third Quarter 2013 Results

    Interesting to see if Meyer uses the Liberty presentation this Thursday to drop the Sub # for Q3. Should be allowable as it would be 2 weeks from CC this Thursday.

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    Guess the Dog busted a nut.... all over $4, then got the limp dk and layed down.


    Guess the BS finally got us. Nice buying OP right now!!! JS, I think you called it, subliminally!!!
    I just wonder if we gonna get the ole rope a dope, like they love to do in times like this, I may get my $3.58 again after all. Hopefully we are prepared to fight off the storm, or Have the storm fizzle out before the time Meyers speaks if we're lucky. I think there's too much good stuff going on with our company right now, and we still haven't exposed our real firepower. It's gonna a be a fight, but we're all used to that, and I think we're more prepared than we ever have been before... GLA

    I'm seeing $3.78 as the lower BB on the monthly, I would think anything between here and there as a major buy, imo

    Edit: Thx Denco for the info

    Edit 2: and Geo... appreciate ya!!!

    Edit 3: Well Hell!!! Thx to all that post, I know I appreciate everyone!!! GLA! I'm glad so many of us have stuck together, no matter your opinion, well I can't say that Lol ...I'm just glad there's somewhat of a dysfunctional family still around Thanks to all that contribute!!!
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    I've been away for a couple days so I obviously was taken back by this major pullback in the markets. As for SIRI, I have a feeling the gap at 3.70 might be vulnerable so my money is on a buy in that area. I welcome any supporting or opposing opinions from the audience. Bassman, where are you in this assessment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    I feel like I just saw Bigfoot
    Wolf, good to see you again. Are you still printing money with your trades or have things settled down for you?

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