Hi, I have an XM home receiver (inserted in my Delphi skyfi2 boombox). I added a 50-foot antenna extension to it. Turns out that I need ANOTHER 100 feet added (total length = 100ft + 50ft + 20ft antenna, total: 170 feet!). Will that be too long?

Does the signal "degrade" after a certain amount of feet? Will the grand total of 170 feet (described above) be too long?

Second question: Is it any big deal to SPLICE into my existing antenna cable? Right at the end of the existing antenna (where the actual antenna head is), I would lop that off (leaving about 6 inches hanging), and splice 100 feet of antenna cable into it. Can I do that? Or is it best to only add on antenna at the actual connectors? The reason I ask is that it would be a 15 minute job to lop of the antenna-head, and then splice 100 feet into it.... but it would be a 3 day job to un-tack all the antenna wire from my rafters to redo the whole job.

What are your thoughts, please?

Thank you!!