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Thread: What is MAX antenna length?

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    What is MAX antenna length?

    Hi, I have an XM home receiver (inserted in my Delphi skyfi2 boombox). I added a 50-foot antenna extension to it. Turns out that I need ANOTHER 100 feet added (total length = 100ft + 50ft + 20ft antenna, total: 170 feet!). Will that be too long?

    Does the signal "degrade" after a certain amount of feet? Will the grand total of 170 feet (described above) be too long?

    Second question: Is it any big deal to SPLICE into my existing antenna cable? Right at the end of the existing antenna (where the actual antenna head is), I would lop that off (leaving about 6 inches hanging), and splice 100 feet of antenna cable into it. Can I do that? Or is it best to only add on antenna at the actual connectors? The reason I ask is that it would be a 15 minute job to lop of the antenna-head, and then splice 100 feet into it.... but it would be a 3 day job to un-tack all the antenna wire from my rafters to redo the whole job.

    What are your thoughts, please?

    Thank you!!

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    Welcome to the forums

    In short, for every 100ft of antenna cable you run you are supposed to use an in line amp signal booster. Which home antenna are you using? If it uses standard RG6 cable, you will need a signal booster like this.

    As far as splicing goes, unless you really believe you can create a factory like connection, I wouldn't take a chance with a run of wire this long. You want this signal to be as strong as possible, the last thing you want is a weak point in the wire. My 2 cents.
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