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Thread: Channel Clutter a la Despot

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    Channel Clutter a la Despot

    Which particularly arrogant management idiots are responsible for the regular cluttering of my a la carte account?

    There are very, very few Sirius/XM channels that offer interesting and/or entertaining programming. Certainly fewer than forty; however, unless you pick fifty or more, Sirius decides that you're too stupid to make up your mind which channels you should have in your account and lumbers you with all sorts of extra odds and ends---odds and ends that are utter wastes of time and space. Then, to add insult to injury, it lards your account three or four times a year---for periods of two or more weeks at a time---with all the channels, just to show you what you're missing. That's like giving someone shock therapy just to let them know what they're missing by not being clinically depressed.

    Sirius/XM's despotic mentality more or less smothers one's sense of self. I signed up for an a la carte account. I provided all my payment information. I selected the channels I want access to---never mind that it's fewer than fifty and never mind that I may choose more at no additional cost if I want---and expect my choices to be honored. After all, it's my account and I'm paying for it, right? Oh, so very wrong! It is an advertising vehicle for Sirius/XM; we as subscribers are mere numbers to inflate Sirius/XM's "listener base" for advertisers. "Oh, yes, several hundred thousand people between 18-50 are signed on to Kids Place Live"---never mind that fewer than 2,000 subscribers listen to it---"so our advertising rates have increased accordingly." Scam, scam, scam, all on the backs of subscribers who are whipsawed into being pawns for an utterly incompetent marketing department.

    Sirius/XM's larding of accounts should be an "opt-in" program, i.e., if we want the free channels three or four times a year, we'll tell you; otherwise, keep your filthy paws off what doesn't belong to you, i.e., our accounts.

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    Have you taken the time to write/call SiriusXM with this feedback?
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