I understand Sirius has a reciever or two that have this capability, but XM does not. (and I am an XM subscriber) It is something that the now combined company needs to embrace. One of the biggest things I have always wanted and never seen is a portable that is dockable, that can also run off of WiFi. I do not live in a big area, and thus we do not have SatRad terrestrial repeaters nearby. Many of the buildings around here are quite old as well, meaning they are built with a lot of steel and concrete. These factors = very bad for SatRad reception. Even in the majority of homes, it is quite difficult to get a decent signal without buying some expensive hardware. (I know, you probably make a killing off of selling that hardware, but it has preveted me numerous times from buying new radios.) I do, however, have my entire house wired for Wireless Internet. Wouldn't it be so great if you could walk in to your house and instead of loosing signal from the Sats, it automatically switches over to the WiFi inside your house? Or picks up with Wireless connection from Starbucks or Burgerking, or the business connection at the hospital or where ever you happen to be? You never loose signal as long as there is wireless internet around you, and these days, WiFi is growing substantially in popularity.

I would instantly buy 2 portable recievers for myself and my fiancee. As it is now, we only listen in my car, because that is the only place we can reliably pick up a signal.