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Thread: SIRI Weekly Thread 9/2/2013 - 9/8/2013, Dawn of the Dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limit5Bass View Post
    i wonder if they suspended purchases until the info about a possible sale of some of liberty's shares came out so the buybacks can now help support the price while Liberty's sales are going on...
    It's possible Bass, though I think the smart thing to do would be for Liberty to sell Directly to SIRI at a negotiated/pre determined price and retired immediately without having to go through the market. EDIT: What ever the price might be.....3.75>>>>3.95...doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things and would take those shares out and reduce shares outstanding immediately which would be a positive.

    As for todays action....looks like we may be in consolidation/pause/dip mode with the AppleRadio announcement early next week.

    Sell the rumor and buy the news would be nice.

    EDIT2: Roughly 195 mn shares that Liberty would need to sell to get down to 50%

    EDIT3: Yes, a higher price would cost SIRI more today but by this time next year they will been seen as a bargain if the price is at $5.
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    Closing on the lows of the day sure isn't what I wanted or expected......until I factored in the Apple event which may have caused the weakness. They definitely sold the rumor today.

    Have a great weekend All. Maybe the DOG gets a buy on the news next week.....GLTA.
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    Did anyone notice Siriusbuzz get slow or go down from 3-5pm EST today? We got hit with another round of bots but I wasn't home to see it happen live. On a positive note, it looks like the software I implemented to stop them seems to have worked -- unless of course you guys tell me the site was slow as molasses this afternoon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by just sirius View Post this am from 3.69 to 3.71 or something like that...keep an eye on the dog...she generally fills'em...I think this one fills...if the dog fails to pop 3.85...I'm damn sure this one will fill...another way to play it would be to put your buy .01-.02 above the gap...many times if you put your $$ at the gap...even thou the gap technically speaking fills...many orders at the gap do not fill and then...dammitt...dammitt...dammitt is all you can say!!

    hang in their...the dog is not thru making $$$ for us all!!

    Not to worry, if you're patient the old dog usually gives you another chance or three. I find though if I could stomach the swings I do much better in the long run just to stay long and walk away from the computer, never been much of a trader,I was always much more of an investor until 2008 put the fear of God into me, but I am trying to learn from Bass as well as the rest of you. guys.

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