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    Need help with 3 questions

    My dilemma: I'm relatively new to the SiriusXM world, having subscribed to SiriusXM with our new Chevy truck. We RV about 6 months out of the year, and the rest of the time, we're home. We enjoyed listening to music and talk shows during our 6 months on the road. Now, we are back home, and we'd like to have the same listening experience in our home. I've researched the various receivers: Onyx, Edge, Lynx, and think I understand the differences. I've also researched the various subscriptions. and likewise I think I understand the differences. I'm trying to keep the costs reasonable, so I'm debating whether to add the second (discounted) subscription. I'm also aware that we can add internet for a few bucks a month. However, the internet version blocks out a couple of our favorite channels. To add to the dilemma, I've read that Lynx is being discontinued, and I was ready to buy the Lynx. I ask your help with 3 questions. Please weigh in.

    Question 1: Should I buy the Lynx and not worry about it being discontinued? Opinions?

    Question 2: Should I pay the money for the 2nd discounted subscription or use the car kit to wire my portable receiver into the car? Opinions?

    Question 3: Should I try to use our $300 Bose iPod docking speakers to save money instead of buying the BB2 docking speakers? Opinions?

    I would really appreciate any advise from SiriusXM users. Thanks in advance!
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