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Thread: SIRI Weekly Thread 8-26 to 9-1-2013, Let's Get This Party Started

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    What's up guys. I agree with both of you that we probably see another dip before the next SIRI run but stranger things have happened. Thanks for the charts RC and BassMan, as well as the updates. You both provide great info.

    The P&Fs are looking pretty BEARISH at the are all the indicators.. MACD..SLOSTO....W%......and RSI. Can you say oversold and nearing a bottom. Now will it be a temporary bottom or start of another uptrend is the big question but a turn looks to be coming soon as RC stated in his post above. I am loaded and ready to shove some SIRISCHNIZEL up SchnitelMans A$$.

    The HighLow is targeting mid 3.30s but as usual with the P&F it can turn quick. All it takes is a big candle or 2


    The closing chart is also SUCKINGBALLS....


    If the Bombs fly and SM takes the market down then great.....I will LOADUP

    I wouldn't be surprised if *they* bought the news though since *they* have been selling the rumor...always a crap shoot on how SM reacts to these Macro events. Either way IAMPREPARED.....HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND ALL!!!

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