Thanks for that article reference Bass. I'll take a look later today. I'm familiar with William Oniel as I was a IBD subscriber for several years, dating back to the days when he introduced "CAN SLIM, A WINNING SYSTEM" in his book "How to Make Money in Stocks", published in 2002.............. Which reminds me I have not opened that book in at least ten years. I just might browse through it again to see if there is anything I can apply in today's environment (and my "advanced" level of expertise...)

PS. Speaking of "staying power" on big movers, I should have had that wisdom earlier in the week when I stopped out of GMCR with a 15% gain at $83.71, only to watch in dismay as it has already rebounded to $89.21............Ouch.. big time missed opportunity for the sake of a greedy grab for profits.

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Nice SLY! That will keep her motivated!

May I recommend the following article from William J Oniel, the founder of Investors Business Daily for big movers? This philosophy has helped me hold onto winners, like FB