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Thread: SIRI Weekly Thread 8-26 to 9-1-2013, Let's Get This Party Started

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    i don't do options, not yet

    but the candlesticks book was "Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques" by Steve Nison. Last I knew, it was not yet available as an ebook, only hardcover. Let me know if you find out differently.

    I have other recommendations if you want Fibonacci, Elliott wave or chart patterns, let me know what you need... *limit opens his trench coat to show RC the books*

    EDIT: as far as SIRI is concerned, nothing has changed from my SIRI part 2 update yet regarding the pullback to the red trend line…..i think you are right and SIRI still sees a little pullback

    Quote Originally Posted by Redcloud View Post
    Hey Bass, you posted a couple of Ebooks for the Kindle a while back, one on options trading, and the other I can't remember, think it was about candlesticks. If there's anyway possible can you re-post them. Just got a new Tablet, the Galaxy note, and I think I can read them now. Thanks for all you contribute. Unless we get news, something like, " AT&T and SiriusXM join forces to offer new hardware utilizing cutting edge telematics technology to the masses" We are dead in the water, imo. It's coming tho!!! GLA

    It appears MACD is converging on the threshold...
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