Hello, all. Two years ago when my father passed away I inherited his car which also included a Kenwood KCA r70 that was connected to a Sirius Radio lifetime membership. When I recently bought a new car that had HD radio, it was not worth transferring the radio device to that car obviously, but I did have the dealer take out the radio. Now I have the radio with other accessories with a bunch of wires and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it-- ideally if I can find a boombox that included this (likely discontinued if it exists) or some other method to utilize it--ideally in a portable method but as a last resort I can use it with my 1990s stereo system. I know this was not like Skyfis and similar products that were as user friendly as a detach and retach anywhere, but do you know what's out there I can already use or should I ask RadioShack or Fry's for assistance?

Thanks so much for any advice,