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Thread: Poor customer service / Poor ability to refund for their errors

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    Angry Poor customer service / Poor ability to refund for their errors

    I have experienced very poor customer service at Sirius. In fact, I have called them 13 times since 2009 telling them I have been overcharged on my bill, and each time I have been told I was wrong. Finally, Oct 2nd I called again with proof, and the person helping me was able to verify I was OVERCHARGED for a closed account since 2009, even seeing in his records that I had cancelled that account in 2009 but was still being charged a quarterly charge. That part was the good customer service. Then, he said my refunds should amount to almost $700 dollars of over payments, but they would have to figure it out and get me a refund. Almost a month later, after 5 more calls, I am transferred to different phone numbers, different supervisors, each time waiting on hold for up to 30+ minutes and re-telling my story, and getting transferred back and forth without any thing being done to resolve THEIR error for over charging me. One of their customer service reps said my case isn't even the worse. He has seen overcharges that have gone on for much longer than mine. Between not getting a supervisor that can handle things, being transferred to different numbers, and being put on hold I have been on the phone for hours on end with Sirius with nothing being done. Think very carefully when dealing with this company.

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    I definitely agree with you man I was having similar problems. After a little bit of searching for other radio alternatives because I wasn't happy with the service. I came across this app called Ourtunez and it has been working out for me. Plus its free so you never have to deal with getting annoyed of another bill again.

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