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Thread: Sirius - An unethical company

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    Sirius - An unethical company

    Sirius XM is one of the most unethical companies I've ever done business with. The stations are not good so I began to use Pandora and Spotify in my car. I began to get calls from Sirius to renew my subscription 1-2 months prior to my subscription expiring and they said it would be $217 to renew. I told them I did not want to renew because I no longer used the service. They transferred me to their cancelation department. The person I spoke to there offered me the subscription for about $110. I still told them I wanted to cancel. They called a few more times and tried to get me to renew but I repeated that I was canceling. Now, three months later I just got a notice from a collection agency because Sirius automatically renewed the account, then canceled it for non-payment and then sent it to a collection agency. How's that for unethical practices? I will never do business with Sirius XM again. If you feel you absolutely have to renew your service, ask to talk to the cancellation department and get it for half price. Better yet, use Pandora or Spotify. The music selection is way better.

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    I hear you. I think SXM just has top management that is far removed from the product. So many of the company's business decisions seem ill-advised at best and maddening at worst. From customer retention to listener care to advertising to programming, too many people in this company just don't get it.

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    I love Sirius and have not had any problem with the account. When I lost my job, I canceled it for a bit, then renewed with no issues. They will work with you for a discount. It is so many stations..Much more than Pandora and the other ones they are free.

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