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Thread: Siri weekly thread 08-19 to 8-25 2013

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    Hello all. First to Bassman let me say thanks for the name of that book. I'll include that in my list of research potentials.

    Based on my good fortune on the golf course which I will take as an omen for good things to come, I engaged in a small buying frenzy this morning with SIRI while sharing the risk/reward with certain family members as well. All in all, we collected 10000 shares all in the 3.65/3.66 price points (having missed out on the 3.60 earlier). I've left a "rear guard" at that small gap at 3.50 which will help the dollar cost average should we dip that far............ So, here I go again only after being all out with extremely significant profits a few weeks ago and thinking I'd not be tempted again (for a stake in SIRI). Given the upside potential being touted lately however, I'm willing to be on board if even for a light weight ride.

    I do have to pump my chest a little bit however, as last Thursday I ventured into GMCR which I have been laying in wait for many weeks, and took a near-blind gamble on XONE. As of this hour, 2.5 trading days since I entered those positions, I see a paper gain of 10.7% and 8.8% respectively in those two holdings.

    Another new line of investing I'm starting to investigate is ETFs. I have a considerable 401K account which is totally in Mutual Funds. I'm beginning to sense that ETFs will be a better way to spread that wealth, but I'm not savvy enough yet to make that plunge.

    I'll be back later after some chores.
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