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Thread: BIG button programmable remote please

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    BIG button programmable remote please

    Hello everyone,
    I just set up a new EDGE in a home speaker dock and everything works fine but those little remotes are impossible to operate. They're always popping out of my hand like an excitable trout , and the buttons are too tiny and don't light up - You get the idea. Are there any larger programmable remotes that will work for this setup? I haven't found one yet that publishes any codes for this application but i doubt I'm the only seniorish citizen with this situation. Any light anybody can shed on this problem would be greatly appreciated , and by more than just me , I'll bet . Thanks

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    I just bought a BB2 speaker dock for an elderly relative. Called Sirius about a bigger remote, they said no one has ever asked for one. They said Universal remotes could not be coded for their radios. Heard the same from Best Buy and Radio Shack.

    So I didn't listen and purchased the Philips Universal Learning Remote #SRP5107 from Walmart for about $18 and programmed the AUX buttons using the learning function on the Phillips and it works great on the Sirius. This is a Stratus 6 in a BB2 dock.

    You face the two remotes at each other on a table. Push AUX on the Phillips. Then on the Phillips hold down the Learn button and the button you want to train (like power on/off) until the red light stays on, then press the same button on the speaker dock remote. The Phillips will blink and red light goes off when it learns the command. Do the same for each button.

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