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Thread: Siri weekly thread 08-12 to 8-18 2013 triple top break week

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    I do not hang my hat on any single type of analysis SLY. I use the candlestick book, the trend lines book, an elliott wave book a fibonacci book and a chart pattern book. I reference all equally. Candlesticks seem to give you the earliest clues about trend reversals.
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    Let me address this message/question to Bass and Denco, as it is obvious both of you are well into the art of Candlestick charting.
    I've had to divert energies elsewhere the past few months so have had little time or energy to absorb new TA skills. I guess the last form of such study for me was when Bass introduced us all to "Stikky Stock Charts" (gosh, how many moons ago was that?).

    Bass, you mention Steve Nison's book on Candlesticks. I wonder which one you hang your hat on. And how about you, Denco, is there a favorite pick for this subject in your library? I did a quick web search and the one which seems appealing is "The Candlestick Course". Do either of you recommend that one, or is there another I should consider? I think I'm ready and willing to devote some time to that topic, so I'll be eager to receive your suggestions (and the same from any other of our readers).

    Bass, are you still heavily invested in Elliott Wave as an analysis tool? That's one topic which simply scared me away.
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