Hi guys, 1st time poster and having a hard time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have one of the ANCIENT Sirius Starmate ST1's. My home kit is about 8 yrs old. After no subscription for about 2 yrs, I fired it back up.

I noticed shortly after activating I would get a strong signal that would last all day, then the next day I would have to re-position the antenna. Some days this would work ok, other days when I got no signal I would unplug the power & antenna from the receiver for a few seconds, power back up and get a strong signal. This past week, after moving the antenna everywhere, doing the unplugging, and getting refreshes, no signal at all. I have also noticed that the connection from the antenna to radio is really loose although the radio does detect the antenna.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. SiriusXM tech support told me to replace the radio and antenna which I may have to do given the age of my hardware, but thought I would check in with ppl here.

Thanks in advance.