From : (The Radio Shack Salesman) then explained that the old radios would still work for the next 5 years as the company would have to provide service to the existing radios. Now I knew I had the right man! The 5 year time frame however is in fact new, as most published estimates put that number at 10 years out.

All current radios will be obsolete in as soon as five years? Seems odd. When you think about a car from the 1950's with a crackly old AM radio - that you can turn it on today and still hear broadcasting. In five years all the cars made in 2008 will need new radios. There will be no sound - paid subscription or otherwise. The sound of silence.

Is this really a part of the company business plan? How will this be managed? Dealers could retrofit new chips through a recall. Maybe people will complain -raise hell - SIRIXM will be forced to continue broadcasting the old signal in conjunction with the new signal.

Knowing this, would anyone go out a buy a radio right now? Not me.

Immediately he explained that the merger had just occurred and they in fact were told that they would be getting in a new line of radios that would allow the “best of” programming by the fourth quarter.

By the fourth quarter? Are you kidding? Are they really going to let this Christmas blow by without the new product roll out? The fanfare and the hoopla that will pull the stock out of ECU and put it in a regular room? This is very discouraging.

Am I wrong?